Monday, March 30, 2009

6 Weeks Left of School

I just got back from spring break and man, did I need it. I was planning on getting ahead with my homework, but that didn't happen. Instead I spent the week cleaning, finishing the Harry Potter books, watching movies, and babysitting for friends and family.

Now I have six weeks left of school and I will be putting my head down and getting to work. In that time I will have to write two speeches, two English papers, take three tests and four or five quizzes, a few biology assignments, and two lab presentations. It will all be a lot of work, but I am willing to do it all and to be honest I am excited to do it all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What had been Happening in My Life Lately?

Not much. My day usually consists of school, eating, homework, exercising (racquetball or running), and hanging out with my two roommates who don't have a boyfriend. I am still loving college, and I have had many awesome and life-changing experiences. The Lord has helped me feel right and home here in Pocatello and I truly appreciate it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today in Biology, a student tried to argue with the teacher about the tests that have been done to prove that ghosts, orbs, and all that other mumbo jumbo exist. He agreed with her about the many tests, but said that there were just as many tests that explained those strange things through natural phenomena. This had only made the student more agitated, and then she still tried to explain herself. Again she was trying to prove a point but she basically proved herself wrong with each explanation she explained.

Towards the end of her argument the student tried to prove her point by explaining something about the cell theory. By this time I had stopped listening to the exchange, but then it caught my interest when in the middle of her lecture she abruptly exclaimed, "You are all laughing, but the cell theory really use to be a big deal."

The teacher quickly replied with, "Yes it was, but it has been proven wrong." The entire class laughed out loud when he said that. Then he went back to teaching the class, and the discussion was ended.

Monday, January 12, 2009

School has Started Again.

I am extreamly excited to start school again. I have class with many of my room mates and most days I will be done with class by one.

I love learning, and school is just the place to do it. I am taking Biology, English, Communications, Ancient Mexico, Aids, and Institute this semeter.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My First Semester of College-COMPLEATED

My finals are finally over!!!

None of them were stressful, but all were challenging. Thanks to the study habits my dad helped me develop, I enjoyed studying for all of my classes.

Now I am going to go home for break and have an awesome Christmas, New Year, and reunion (Spencer).

Saturday, December 6, 2008

College Life

I love it. It is one billion times better than high school.
Just to let everyone know kind of what is going on with me, i will start out by saying that I have ten room mates. Usually when I tell people this, their eyes bug out and they say, "Ten Girl!!!." I actually love it, it makes me feel right at home.
All of my room mates are hilarious. I will tell you a story. Last night, (Dec. 6) I went roller blading with Melissa and Bekah (two of my room mates) and two of their friends. We skated for about an hour and then when back to our apartment and played Cranium. Well, during the time that we were roller skating Bekah fell on her butt. Melissa and I were laughing so hard that we had to roller skate to the side of the rink and hold onto the wall. I know that it wasn't nice to laugh, but it was just to funny. Then about ten minutes before we left I fell on my butt. Gratefully no one saw, but i couldn't help but laugh at my self. Well... I hadn't really laughing at myself because I thought that it was funny that I fell, but I laughed because I had been in so much pain.
Today (Dec. 7) my but is so sore. It hurts to walk up and down stairs but other than that I am okay.
I have had way to much fun since I have moved to Pocatello. I have almost finished a whole semester, and I can hardly believe it. I have done many things, gone to movies, festivals, learned how to play racket ball, church activities, game nights, and much much more.
To end, all I can say is that I am so glad that I never have to go back to high school ever again.